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The Playground

The Playground is our Community Hub, encouraging individuals, schools and youth environmental groups to share ideas and fun projects that communicate their ideas, values and feelings to their world wide community.

We seek to offer children an opportunity though the arts and sciences to imagine their future and to influence those in power - where young people know adults are listening and taking action.

Young people CAN lead the way to changes we most dearly need.

>> to find out more about the book and our story - click here ‘OUR STORY

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Check out our recent connection with American Artist Suzanne Morlock- Community Earth Art in Shetland - Suzanne’s stay as Creator-in-Residence at the Weaving Shed in Shetland. During her stay Suzanne explored the intersection of recycling and creativity in a community-wide invitation to make art using the sun to develop prints! Called cyanotype, this old fashioned blueprinting technique has been adopted by photographers and other artistic makers to explore visual possibilities. April is the month for the Da Voar Redd Up and the celebration of Earth Day.

In April 2023, Suzanne visited the local schools where students made sun prints using bits of marine debris, recycled and natural materials and their own drawings to make magical blue and white prints. These are the culminating prints made by children in North Roe, Ollaberry and Urafirth Primary Schools with their hopes for a brighter environmental future.

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We have found the book has been really useful in schools to aid teachers in opening discussions and creative expression.

Please see our recent school study where a community in Derbyshire used the book to open a dialogue with the whole village around local and international environmental issues

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We want to approach more schools and educational governing bodies, while growing partnerships with groups and organisations. Currently we are working with GTI - Global Tree Initiative & ENCAF - Enfield Climate Action Forum.

If you are a young person, have children or are connected to a community project/ school and feel you would benefit from learning more. Please email us or contact us through Facebook.

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Teachers feedback

The children have all really enjoyed seeing their work published. They think the book sends out a positive message and is nice to look at. The children feel more included in trying to help tackle climate change. We have used the book as a catalyst to find out more about Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist

Thanks for the great opportunity for the children at Urafirth Primary School, Shetland, UK.

Firstly as I said, it has provided a focus for the children's learning about climate change which has been great. Also, with such a huge issue as this, it's easy to feel that I'm just one person and there's not much that I can do to change things, but the fact that Robin took those beautiful pictures and a book was published, and the fact that 30 children from our school had their pictures published in it, has given the children a new inspiration that as individuals we can actually do something to make a change!

Marks Cross School, East Sussex, UK