Life on our planet is in danger!
Our children know it!
Here’s what they are saying.

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The raw power of the children's artwork and voices spill out
from this extraordinary 200 page book.
Please enjoy these sample pages!

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Click here to find out more about this project and our crowd funder.

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Hard and soft cover versions of “CLIMATE CHANGE CHILDRENS VOICES'
will be available for purchase on November 1st.

Full details of how to order copies and pricing will be posted here on October 15th.
and you will be able to preorder from this date.

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Mission Statement

  • We aim to foster and amplify the heartfelt voices of young people who proclaim the importance of taking action for climate change. 

  • We believe change happens when we listen to and create spaces for communities to express, address and envision a better future.

  • We hope to empower young people by creating a platform in which their grave and fearful concerns can be shared as widely as possible.

Our first project is a book of photography and art of children that showcases their deep concerns about life on earth. Being heard is of vital importance to their mental health.

Production in association with The Weaving Shed Gallery

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